TICA™ is the 4th generation enterprise framework that goes beyond disciplined scaled agile. TICA integrates practices for innovation, collaboration, and agile with a consistent focus on highly productive teams across large organizations.

Our TICA framework is designed to address the various levels of innovation, collaboration, and agile practices for individual teams, for IT, and for your whole enterprise. By integrating team-level and enterprise-level principles and practices, we can help you scale agile and integrate agile approaches with an innovation and collaboration culture and adopt continuous strategy across your organization. Align practices with the latest collaboration and automation technologies with the right mix of practices, culture, and tools.

TICA is available as:

  • TICA Team for individual teams
  • TICA Enterprise for companies going beyond agile


Herzum has 20 years of experience helping teams with digital transformations, large-scale agile adoptions, and DevOps automations. From strategy to operations, from portfolio management to continuous delivery, from help desk teams to quality assurance teams, and for business processes across your entire organization, we can help you increase team collaboration and adopt innovation practices.


More and more enterprises are taking initiative, introducing new methods to accelerate innovation (often driven by the business side) and scale agile and adopt it across teams (typically driven by the IT side). They also expect increased collaboration across IT and business teams. The ever-accelerating pace of business requires going from a strategy-focus organization to a continuous strategy organization, with an increased ability to rapidly adapt to change.


Organizations and technologies are rapidly changing, leading to higher levels of collaboration within and across enterprises. Herzum can help you adopt new tools to support knowledge collaboration, real-time task collaboration, and secure, scalable communication to unite and strengthen your team.


After two decades of agile and scaled adoption, the relevant industry practices and frameworks are well established. You can now ask for more: go beyond agile to achieve maximum levels of innovation and collaboration within and across teams.