When: Thu, January 10, 2019 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Where: Webinar

How do teams accelerate collaboration? Now more than ever, your team can improve collaboration by adopting chat tools, integrating them with key IT technologies (including the Atlassian products), and introducing automated bots to simplify activities. Using cloud or on-prem chat tools, Agile teams are achieving new levels of collaboration and automation, accelerating development, releases, swarming to issue resolution, supporting DevOps, and much more. We will be specifically discussing Mattermost behind-the-firewall solutions to integrate with the Atlassian products and other leading-edge IT tools to support enhanced team collaboration.

In particular, this interactive webinar will address:

  • Best practices for instant collaboration.
  • Connecting chat with people, code, builds, and infrastructure.
  • Devising your specific ChatOps solution.
  • Tips and tricks for a better Mattermost experience.
  • Discuss the Collaboration adoption benefits, business case, and success factors.

Herzum is proud to announce its partnership with Mattermost – the premier chat tool to deploy on-prem behind your firewall. Herzum can help you migrate to Mattermost and fully integrate into your Atlassian and other leading-edge tools and technologies to allow collaboration powered with everything from notifications to automated chat-bots.

A link to the webinar will be provided to all registrants before the event time.



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When: Thu, December 13, 2018 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Where: Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 825 Hennepin Avenue #Suite 125 Minneapolis, MN 55402 United States

You may have Jira to track issues, but are your teams really using Jira to its fullest potential? Jira can be easy to use at first but may take a lifetime to master. Join Herzum’s Jira savants as we share our best tips and tricks to improve your Jira experience. We’ll discuss best practices, demo a few of the tools, and maybe share a few cheat codes and secret shortcuts in Jira. If you are just tracking issues instead of tracking teams and customers and forecasts, then it’s time to level up your Jira.

Join Herzum on October 25 as we dive into maximizing your Jira experience and cover these topics:

  • Information about Herzum’s favorite and most popular plug-ins.
  • Analysis of the costs and benefits of Jira Data Center.
  • Powerful and simplified reporting with Portfolio for Jira.
  • Jira Service Desk: the novices’ gateway to Jira.

Herzum was named one of Atlassian's Partners of the Year!

After the presentation, join the reception and networking event and continue the discussion with our experts over complimentary food and drinks. There is no charge for this event.



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