What is Atlassian's Confluence?

As defined in dictionaries, the word “confluence” means: a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point.  Faithful to the definition, Confluence, developed by Atlassian, is a software that provides team workers with a common platform to work together and share information efficiently.

Confluence is available both as Cloud SaaS platform and in self-hosted version, allowing the possibility of being installed on its own dedicated servers or using Confluence Data Atlassian Center.

Do I really need to use Confluence?

Imagine a typical day in a medium-sized company.  How many times it happens that a collaborator reports a problem (for example with a supplier) to his superior, who in turn reports it to the purchasing department and, maybe after half a day, it turns out that the problem had already been solved the day before? How many times does someone in customer service department open a ticket for a customer who calls not realizing that that customer had already written an email and his colleague had opened another ticket? 

How many internal and external problems mismanaged communications that impact the time of the company and its customers? How much time is lost? How much money is wasted? How many lost mails, forgotten reports, hidden requests in strange threads do we have in our mailboxes?

Confluence is the answer to the most common communication problems for people who work in teams

Collaboration tools like Confluence are THE solution to avoid these scenarios because:

  • All the information is stored in a single environment, easily accessible by all users, so it will no longer be necessary to go crazy to find emails, calls, tickets, etc. in a thousand different places.
  • Any update made to the information activates a notification to other collaborators, making the update on the evolution of the work simple and immediate.
  • Confluence is easy and intuitive, so it does not require any training or certification to start being used by any member of the team.